A grocery store in Smiths Station reopens after a small fire caused it to close it’s doors.

Terry’s Grocery reopened Tuesday afternoon after being closed for 11 days. The grocer has served the Smiths Station community, but after a small electrical fire filled the store with smoke, Terry’s was forced to closed its doors.

The owners tell News 3 the motor of an ice cream freezer caused a worn down electrical cord beneath it to catch fire April 19. The damages were minimal, but the smoke was so heavy all of the groceries had to be thrown out and replaced. Dillion Terry, employee and son of Terry’s owner, says he is grateful for the community’s support.

“We appreciate everybody coming back and all the concern and prayers that people have sent up for us. I know that it’s put people at a pretty big inconvenience so we’re sorry about that and we’ve done out best to get open as quick as we could, but we should be back to full speed by next week,” says Dillion Terry.

Employees are still working to fully stock the store, but shoppers are welcome to come and purchase fresh meats, product and frozen foods. Terry says many of the shelves of dry goods and other items will be stocked by Wednesday.

Terry says the story will be providing grocery specials as well as a raffle to bring in more customers over the next few weeks.