“The Juicy Seafood” addresses allegations of credit card fraud by employees

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COLUMBUS, Ga (WRBL) – Some folks who enjoyed a nice meal at the new Columbus restaurant “The Juicy Seafood” say their experience wasn’t so nice after the unexpected happened.

Several reports surfaced of some employees at the new popular restaurant taking pictures of customer’s credit cards and allegedly paying their own bills with it.

Post via Columbus Concerned Citizens forum

There were about three posts on the Columbus Concerned Citizens forum discussing the issue and telling other Columbus people to either not go to the restaurant or to simply just pay with cash.

News 3 spoke with the Owner about the situation. He says the allegations are false.

“I do know that one server was taking a picture from the credit card receipt because the customer wrote a sentence down saying this service is so great and then (inaudible) the server took the picture down to show the customer showing appreciation to the server,” says the manager.

The restaurant says they’ve spoken with their employees and now have “only a designated cashier or manager will handle all transactions. This is a rare occurrence but we will use this obstacle to improve Juicy Seafood,” says a post on their Facebook page.

“First off I want to apologize to the public that these allegations even got out. Before they got out, we’ve been trying to contact people dealing with these issues, nobody has come forward to give us any information. We have a no cell phone policy here,” says Kaycee Jamison, store manager at “The Juicy Seafood”.

The establishment is now changing the way they handle transactions. “Now, all managers handle credit card transactions. That’s how we’re handling those allegations as of now. We don’t have any proof of any credit card fraud activity here at the Juicy Seafood,” says Jamison.

The restaurant also says if anyone can bring in “SOLID PROOF that our waitresses have done such”, they are offering a reward of $100 in cash along with a $200 gift card.

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