COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – One local non-profit which has been serving the Chattahoochee Valley for 70 years kicked off it’s campaign today!

The United Way of Chattahoochee Valley plays a major role in building our community. Today, the non-profit kicked off it’s latest campaign drive at the Columbus Convention and Trade Center.

More than 900 people were present at the non’s profit biggest event of the year.  This year’s campaign theme “Change Doesn’t Happen Alone,” emphasizes that we cannot solve our community problems or break down its barriers alone.

Ben Moser, who succeeded Scott Ferguson as President & CEO, says he’s excited to see what this year’s campaign will bring.

“United Way is looking forward to an exciting campaign where we come together to improve thousands of lives in our community,” said Moser. “United Way cannot do this work alone, because Change Doesn’t Happen Alone. United Way is connecting people and resources for a strong community because we make the greatest impact when we band together.”

Volunteers say the non profit continues to build a stronger community by bringing people and resources together from across the Valley.

The non-profit goal for this year’s campaign is for more than $7 million.