Lake Harding homeowner Christie Sykes is sharing an unsettling video of a large alligator swimming in the popular lake as a warning to parents to watch their children, grandchildren and loved ones.

The family lives off Lee Road 385 along the Osinappa Creek portion of the lake. Sykes says while she doesn’t want to alarm anyone and she’s heard of alligators do live in the lake, she’s never seen one.

“There are a ton of kids in our area and they need to be aware! I have grandkids of my own who will NEVER be allowed in this lake that I have grown up on and love with all my heart! It just breaks my heart,” Sykes said.

Sykes and her dad went to their place around 10:00 Friday morning and there was a big gator at their dock. She says they sat and watched him for almost 3 hours. She says two boats passed within a few feet from him and that’s the only time he went under and he was only under for a minute.