COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — Amateur historians are expected to join research on Influential Women in Columbus at Columbus Public Library today from noon to midnight. Chattahoochee Valley Libraries invites local ‘future’ historians to assist on a topic every month. It is called Local History Research Challenge.

Library has asked the members of public to help them find photos, letters, newspapers articles and anything related to the topic. No experience is needed, and participants can use the library’s extensive collection of materials or other external resources. Important items may be displayed at the library.

Some famous and influential women of Columbus are ‘Mother of Blues’ Gertrude Ma Rainey, silent movies actress Juliette Compton, first female mayor Teresa Tomlinson, Mary Ann Williams who was first to propose Memorial Day, Painter Amy Sherald who made the official portrait of former first lady Michelle Obama, former Miss Georgia Megan Blake, best selling author Sherrilyn Kenyon and bodybuilding champion Lenda Murray. A long list has many names of actresses and singers.

Library did the research on Historically Black Organizations in February. April research challenge is Columbus Mill Work. More information can be found on Chattahoochee Valley Libraries website.