COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) –The Muscogee County Sheriff’s Office and Piedmont Columbus Regional celebrated Deputy Bayse Bourne III after he was named the First Friday Hero this month.

According to Piedmont Columbus Regional, Deputy Bourne III received recognition after saving the life of Randy Tyner. 

While in the emergency parking lot of Piedmont Columbus Regional Midtown, Deputy Bourne III noticed a man suffering from a medical emergency inside his truck. 

Tyner says that at first, he didn’t realize who saved him, but he is now thankful for Deputy Bourne III’s aid. 

“I really didn’t think about it, and I was up here seven days. When I got out, I got to thinking about it, and then I realized he was the one to pull me out of the truck,” said Tyner. “He saved my life, and honestly, he came to see about me afterward to make sure I was ok, and I mean, he’s a great guy.”

Soon after Deputy Bourne III came into contact with Tyner, he observed the warning signs of a medical emergency and immediately alerted Piedmont Columbus Regional Midtown EMS. 

It was later determined by medical professionals that Tyner was suffering from a heart attack and they praised Deputy Bourne III for essentially saving Tyner’s life.

Deputy Bourne III shared his feelings after learning that his swift action’s saved someone else’s life. 

“I’m at a loss for words because I am just doing my everyday job, and to know that he was a father and a grandfather and had a family to go home to; I’m just glad I was able to save his life, and he can go home to his family, so it’s just amazing,” said Deputy Bourne III.