COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — The Gainey Cup Best Scout Squad Competition is kicking off Monday – bringing Cavalry Scout Troopers from several countries to compete at Fort Benning.

It’s an opportunity for the best scout squads to showcase their proficiency in certain skills needed in a tactical environment.

Twenty-two teams will participate in the five-day long competition. They come from all over: Canada, Ireland, Germany and The Netherlands.

In honor of Armor Week at Fort Benning, folks were able to come on post and watch “Scouts in Action.” Visitors also got to see the heavy artillery and equipment scouts use in combat.

Commander Ryan Kranc is with one of the brigades overseeing the competition. He says allowing the public to see these demonstrations sheds light on what they do on behalf of the American people.

“There’s no better opportunity for us than this live fire experience,” said Commander Kranc. “With scouts coming in by helicopter and then using the full complement of the equipment that we use, mortars, tanks, Bradleys and Stryker fighting vehicles. Plus, it’s pretty cool to watch a tank fire about 50 feet in front of you going 30 miles an hour.”

“Scouts in Action” demonstrations will continue on post at Red Cloud Range Saturday, April 29 and on May 1.

These events are free to the public. Spectators are welcomed to watch and will also have an opportunity to speak with service members during a “Meet Your Army” event on May 1.