Forward Together: Real Conversations About Real Change

Protests and the push for change are making history in our nation.

Communities face this defining moment.

Neighbors, families, and community leaders must have hard conversations in order to identify and commit to the right path forward.

In this series of candid conversations, WRBL brings together leaders from government, faith, education, sports, and other areas.

News anchors Teresa Whitaker and Phil Scoggins host these frank discussions.

Panelists discuss their experiences, hopes, and ideas.

Topics covered include the importance of understanding our neighbors and their experiences, righting historical wrongs, the role of education, how sports plays in this important conversation, and the need for diverse voices in shaping a right and just course forward.

Please join us for conversations which we hope can be one way of taking a step toward creating a more understanding, equitable, and unified community and country.

Below, you’ll find the different entries in an ongoing discussion about real change, and real progress:

In our first video, focused on changes happening at Auburn University, News 3 sits down with Coach Bruce Pearl, Assistant Professor Guy Emerson Mount, and student Tyler Ward.

In the second video, News 3 is joined by Reverends Jimmy Elder and J.H. Flakes III, both of Columbus.

In the third Forward Together discussion, News 3 speaks with two local mayors, Eddie Lowe from Phenix City and Skip Henderson from Columbus.

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