This week’s kinetic credit union golden apple award winner is a music teacher from Clubview Elementary School.

Meet Emily Harris, a Columbus State University graduate who is currently in her third year of teaching. She accepted this award from kinetic credit union’s own Clint Perkins.

Ms. Harris’ nominator says she is a teacher who goes above and beyond for her kids. She gives them every opportunity to feel successful and makes sure they feel safe and welcome.

When asked what inspired her to become a music teacher, ms. Harris said her middle school choir director who helped her find peace through music.

“I’m very excited. This is very unexpected. I just want to thank my kiddos, honestly, and everyone who has ever supported me in my teaching career. Seeing them grow and shine every day and growing through music and seeing how music impacts their lives and how they’re able to use it as a tool. It is the most beautiful thing ever.”

And congratulations Emily Harris.