This week’s Kinetic Credit Union Golden Apple Award winner is Christa Williams of Rainey-McCullars School of the Arts. A dance teacher for grades 9-12, Williams feels blessed to be able to give her students an opportunity that she didn’t have, going to an art school.

Williams was nominated by fellow teacher, Oliver Ellis. Ellis wrote: “Ms. Williams is a FIRST year teacher who has inspired DOZENS of the amazing dancers at our school. Despite being a brand new teacher, she has created a classroom where dancers express themselves in creative collaborations with each other. The dancers feel a part of the program, and they are wholly invested in her lessons. The students in our school nominated her ‘Most Inspirational’ in our yearbook because of the passion, freedom, creativity, and collaboration that she builds into her program. Essentially doing the work of TWO dance instructors, she has helped her students choreograph dance performances for the school and for our dance company that leave people in tears. The students look forward to her class every day and they all want to teach others how to dance including ME. I just learned how to do turns (as a 34 yr. old teacher) because her dancers feel so empowered that they just want to share what they learn in her class. I’d swear she has been teaching for a decade with how effortlessly she builds her classroom culture. She’s a natural and deserves to be recognized for bringing such joy to our students!!! You need to see her students perform!”