Nurses all over the world are on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic.

They put their health — and even lives — at risk every single day for the sake of others.

Which is why it’s so important to celebrate them — especially on today. Tuesday, May 12, is International Nurses Day!

The day honors the tremendous sacrifices these healthcare workers make day in and day out.

May 12 became International Nurses Day to honor Florence Nightingale’s birthday.

She was a pioneer in her field and the founder of modern nursing.

The English nurse spent her night rounds giving personal care to the wounded during the Crimean War.

For this, she became known as the “lady with the lamp.”

Nightingale was the first woman to receive the U.K’s Order of Merit for her efforts, which is why it is fitting to celebrate nurses everywhere on her birthday.

Nurses have taken stronger leadership roles in the past decades, taking over many responsibilities that used to be reserved for physicians.

These days many patients can get diagnosed and treated by a nurse without ever seeing a doctor.

International Nurses Day also marks the end of National Nurses Week in the United States.