Raised in Marvin — that’s what the old-timers still the area of Beauregard where Sunday’s tornado struck — James Henry Tate left.

He spent more than 35 years living and working on Long Island in New York. But in the mid-1990s when it came to retire, it was also time to come home, his nephew Roger Tate said.

“He bought some land, I think it was about an acre and a half, while he was still in New York,” Tate said. “He was planning to come back.”

Tate lived in a small trailer on that property. That is where he was when he became one of the 23 victims of the Beauregard tornado on Sunday.

“He was funny, always the jokester,” said his great-niece Krystal Garrett. “He was just an old-fashioned, fun-loving guy.”

Krystal’s mother, Florel Stenson, was Tate’s niece. Florel, his husband, Jimmy Lee, and their son, Eric Jamel, were also killed in the storm.

Tate was divorced and had five children — four daughters and a son. None of them live in the area.

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