National Black Business Month

August is National Black Business Month. This month we celebrate and acknowledge black-owned businesses all over the country.

Black Business Spotlight

Charles E. Huff International Funeral Home is a locally owned Black-owned business serving the Chattahoochee Valley for over 70 years. To learn more about their illustrious history and the services they provide, please visit here.

What is National Black Business Month?

“Black Business Month is exciting because it gives us an opportunity to focus on a community that is far too often underrepresented when it comes to access to capital and opportunities to build wealth.”

Moore, Denise, National Today, 2022, National Black Business Month-August 2022, para.

National Black Business Month was created by John William Templeton and Fredrick E. Jordan Sr. in 2004. Its purpose is to bring attention to black-owned businesses as there are more than 2 million across the nation. This Month encourages our nation to support Black-owned businesses so they may keep growing.

Learn more about National Black Business Month, here.

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