President Obama to “stand in solidarity” with Orlando victims during Thursday visit


ORLANDO, Fla. — President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden visit Orlando Thursday to “stand in solidarity with the Orlando community,” according a White House representative.

Meanwhile FBI investigators are methodically piecing together 29-year-old Omar Mateen’s movements which led up to his deadly shooting rampage early Sunday morning.

Attention has now turned to his social media accounts.

As Mateen sprayed bullets inside the Pulse nightclub, he seemingly paused to update his Facebook page, posting:

“The real muslims will never accept the filthy ways of the west” and “You kill innocent women and children by doing us taste the Islamic state vengeance.”

He also tried to gauge the impact his attack was generating online. A Senate committee said records show he searched for the terms “Pulse Orlando” and “Shooting” during the attack.

His final Facebook post said, “In the next few days you will see attacks from the Islamic state in the usa.”

A former co-worker called Mateen a ticking time bomb.

“Omar was a deeply disturbed man. He was full of hate, full of rage,” said Daniel Gilroy, who quit the job because of Mateen’s harassment. “He was on the verge of violence all the time.”

When Mateen worked for G4S as an armed security guard, his Florida security officer’s license was renewed four times, requiring a criminal background check for each renewal.

Records also revealed he had extensive firearm training and was a good shot.

The St. Lucie County Sheriffs Office confirmed that it wanted Mateen transferred out of a Florida courthouse in 2013 after they said he made inflammatory remarks about women and Jews, and praised the Fort Hood shooter.

A survivor of the massacre, 20-year-old Patience Carter, shed more light on Mateen’s thinking, saying he talked about wanting America to “stop bombing my country” — a possible reference to his father’s native Afghanistan.

Federal investigators say Mateen’s wife, Noor Salam, knew her husband was planning an attack. She also reportedly drove with him to stake out Pulse, which caters to the gay community.

CBS News has learned that Salman is seen on surveillance video buying ammunition with her husband. Investigators have not ruled out charging others, including Salman.

“At the end of all of our interviews, however long that takes, if someone is able to be charged in this investigation we will bring them to justice,” said Ron Hopper with the FBI.

The first funeral service for one of the shooting victims was held Wednesday. Family and friends remembered 40-year old Javier Jorge Reyes as a fun, free spirit.

There will be many more funerals to come.

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