Special light bulb may help you fall asleep faster

WIVB Staff - BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — If you didn't get a good night's sleep, you may be a little groggy.

A new study reveals a simple change in your bedroom could provide a big benefit. That change involves lights.

You can see the difference in the these two lamps:

On the left is a lamp with a normal fluorescent bulb. It's bluish. On the right, you can see the special LED night bulb.

Researchers claim that replacing regular light bulbs with the special bulb that emits less blue light could get you to fall asleep faster.

The LED bulb can selectively reduce the blue light, and ultimately boost your melatonin.

The bulbs can reduce your alertness and help you get sleepy.

Michael Breus is a clinical psychologist and specialist in sleep medicine.

He says the Good Night light bulb runs for about 25 dollars.

"It's available on Amazon, and in my studies, I found other things besides light bulbs that can help with this blue light exposure at night," Breus said.

There's a computer program called "Flux."

You may also want to experiment with apps on your phone to change the color setting. Apple has a new "night shift" option you can use.

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