COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL)Teachers from across Muscogee County have been selected as the 2022 teacher of the year honorees by the Muscogee Educational Excellence Foundation. For the Myer family, it has become generational as one mother and daughter get to share in the experience.

Terri Myers has been an educator for 29 years and currently serves as the Principal at Rothschild Leadership academy. Back in 2010, she was an 8th grade English Language Arts teacher and was awarded teacher of the year at East Columbus.

“There’s so much, but the main thing I’ve always seen is my mom just have build relationships with her students and wanting the best for her students.”

Yasmine Myers – 2022 Teacher of the Year Honoree

As the 2022 teacher of the year honorees were announced, Terri watched her daughter Yasmine follow in her footsteps.

“Whatever your title is your heart is always that of a teacher and to see my daughter operate in that capacity, there is no greater joy. Because there is joy in what we do and the impact we make in the lives of children”

Terri Myers – Principal Rothschild Leadership Academy

Yasmine says her mother inspired her to focus on her connection with students.

“Just building relationships with my students. I think that starts first and then we can get to the content. I think that I’ve seen that with my mom. I’ve seen how she treats her students not only inside the classroom but also outside of the classroom.”

Yasmine Myers – 2022 Teacher of the Year Honoree

The last two years have been unprecedented for everyone, with the COVID-19 pandemic, but especially educators.

“If you haven’t done this before, you don’t understand what our teachers have been through to make sure that our school still runs, our students are safe and that students are still getting the content they need. So, they have gone through a lot this year. “

Terri Myers – Principal Rothschild Leadership Academy

Muscogee County Super Intendant Dr. David Lewis tells News 3, “These teachers and all those teachers that M.E.E.F. has recognized in the past have always demonstrated the highest of ethical standards and principals and practices of our profession but yes this past year has been difficult and the fact that these teachers stood out and have been selected by their own peers is certainly very special.”

Terris advice for her daughter, find what gives you joy.

“And to find that balance also, because there is so much going on I always tell her to take care of her mind as well, but definitely to keep that passion.”

Terri Myers – Principal Rothschild Leadership Academy

As Yasmine went through college, she didn’t think she’d take after her mother and instead pursued communications. Realizing her love for history and working with kids – she has been an educator for seven years and currently is a history teacher and the 2022 teacher of the year at Fort Service-Learning Magnet Academy.

Teachers will be honored throughout the year with a breakfast with the national teacher of the year on May 3 and an end of the year gala on May 5 when the Muscogee County teacher of the year will be announced.