22 people were arrested this weekend, involved in a massive child sex sting.

It was part of “Operation Mayday” over the past four days. The arrested range in age from 19 to 52. The suspects allegedly traveled from areas around Augusta and from South Carolina with the intent to meet a child for sex.

Some of the arrested include an actor, funeral home director, tire salesman, electrician, software programmer, correctional officer, pharmacy tech, student and Deputy Jailer for the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office. They are all charged with Criminal Attempt to Commit Child Molestation. Additional charges are pending.

“Operation Mayday” was an undercover investigation coordinated by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s Child Exploitation and Computer Crimes Unit (CEACC), the Georgia Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force, and the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office,

The process goes like this: Online child predators visit chat rooms and websites on the internet, find children, begin conversations with them, introduce sexual content and arrange a meeting with the children for the purpose of having sex. Operation Mayday targets those that are willing to exploit children by purchasing sex with a minor, and the recruitment of victims of child sex trafficking.

The following were arrested and charged in Richmond County as part of “Operation Mayday”:

1. Thomas Michael Moxley, Jr., W/M, from Aiken, SC, 43 years of age, occupation = tire store employee

2. Cody Allen Bondurant, W/M, from Martinez, GA, 23 years of age, occupation = actor

3. Paul Ellis Kitchens, W/M, from Augusta, GA 44 years of age, occupation = funeral home director

4. Richard Dean Tyndall W/M, from Evans, GA, 24 years of age, occupation = electrician

5. Leon Cornelius Holley, B/M, from Grovetown, GA, 20 years of age, occupation = retail stocker

6. John Kenneth Crowley, W/M, from Augusta, GA, 30 years of age, occupation = unemployed

7. Kyle Andrew Negus, W/M, from Augusta, GA, 26 years of age, occupation = software programmer

8. Travis Demond Driggers, B/M, from Louisville, GA, 34 years of age, occupation = correctional officer

9. Matthew Kyle Sears, W/M, from Augusta, GA, 25 years of age, occupation = tire store employee

10. Matthew Robert Tyndall, W/M, from Augusta, GA, 25 years of age, occupation = restaurant manager

11. Cody Justin Pobanz, W/M, from Augusta, GA, 27 years of age, occupation = crane tech

12. Christopher Anthony Titre, B/M, Martinez, GA, 22 years of age, occupation = grocery store employee

13. Jordan Andrew Waters, W/M, Beach Island, SC, 22 years of age, occupation = pharmacy tech

14. Ruben Ellis Reese, W/M, Martinez, GA, 52 years of age, occupation = Deputy Jailer for Columbia County Sheriff’s Office

15. Nicholas Sebastian Barber, W/M, Martinez, GA, 23 years of age, occupation = pool attendant

16. Ian B. Shelby, W/M, Martinez, GA, 25 years of age, occupation = university student

17. Everett Ryan Lewis, W/M, Baxley, GA, 21 years of age, occupation = laborer

18. Heather Elyssa Myers, W/F, 19 years of age, Fort Gordon, GA, occupation = soldier

19. Reginald Martinez Grubbs, B/M, Waynesboro, GA, 40 years age, occupation = truck driver

20. Jordan Blake Roberts, W/M, Grovetown, GA, 21 years of age, occupation = Airman

21. Nicholas Michael Hopkins, W/M, Evans, GA, 25 years of age, occupation = landscaper

22. Tyler Alexander Judkins, W/M, Evans, GA, 19 years of age, occupation = student

Six of the arrested also admitted to previous sexual contact with children. One arrived with two firearms in his vehicle. Authorities seized several phones and digital devices were seized. They will process and analyze the information found from the devices and additional charges could be filed after a thorough review.