32-year-old Smiths Station mother on COVID: ‘I want people aware that anybody can contract this’


When the COVID crisis started back in March, many of the people getting the virus were older. A number of the health care workers now say they are seeing younger patients.

Emily Harrison fits that description.

Harrison is the mother of a high-energy toddler. The 32-year-old woman is a self-described “social butterfly.” The months of COVID-19 lockdown went against her very nature.

As the restrictions lifted, she started to live her life again and move around.

On Father’s Day weekend, she took a quick family  trip to Panama City Beach. That’s where it is suspected she picked up the virus, She and her husband both tested positive last week. 

“I want people aware that anybody can contract this,” she said. “It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are from.”

And if you have other health issues, COVID can worsen them. For Harrison that was migraines.

“I literally had it from a Saturday to a Thursday morning before it started to subside,” she said. “Normally, when I have a migraine I can kick it when I take my medicine. And it will go away within a couple of hours. The medicine I am on didn’t touch this one.”

She says she has been telling her friends it’s like the Flu — times 10.

One of the interesting parts of this is that Emily’s daughter, Greenlea, has been with her parents throughout the quarantine. That’s what the doctors recommended. And Greenlea has not caught the virus.

“They said she was better off staying with us, the parents, because babies and children are not contracting the virus like adults are,” Harrison said.

Like so many young people, when the restrictions loosened, Emily was ready to move forward with life as it was.

“People are going a little stir crazy and are eager to get out,” she said. “Just like when the beaches opened up, everybody flocked to the beach. I am guilty of that.”

Harrison wants to socialize with her friends, but knows now is not the right time.

“I know it’s hard not to see your friends and hang out with them, drink some beers and hang out,” she said. “But as far as the bars being open and having those gatherings, it’s not doing any good in my opinion.”

Right now, the focus is on her health — and her family.

“When it comes to my health, I am taking all the precautions necessary,” she said. “If that involves staying away from large crowds, then I am going to do that.”

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