AUBURN, Ala. (WRBL) – Significant upgrades are on the way for the City of Auburn’s Athletic and community centers including turf athletic fields for a variety of sports. Over the next two years, a $50-million commitment to Parks and Recreation to vastly improve existing facilities and open new ones so kids and adults can compete and practice their favorite sports. 

Auburn Mayor Ron Anders says the uprdages are overdue. As the city has grown, facilities haven’t been keeping up. Anders grew up playing at Auburn facilities as a kid. He then spent time cheering on his kids in the same facilities as an adult. Mayor Anders says while the pandemic slowed progress on a massive overhaul of park and rec facilities, the work is still one of his top priorities.  

“I am very proud of our passive parks, trails, walking trails, dog parks, and places you can go to leisurely enjoy your time, but we have gotten behind on providing facilities for our children and adults to play competitive sports. We have already started those projects by building three new fields at the soccer complex, which are turf as opposed to grass. Plus, an indoor facility which can be a multi-purpose room, for events like daddy-daughter date night,” said Mayor Anders.

Soon, the Lake Wilmore Community Center will go for bid. The new multi-million dollar project is located directly across from Ogletree Middle School.  

“It’s going to be a beautiful new community center, twice the size of Frank Brown. It includes a lap pool and two new gyms. As well as four football fields side by side with turf. They can be used for football, and we can put up backstops and allow our children to play baseball and softball,” said Anders.

Another project includes re-imagining Boykin Community Center:

  1. Public safety and environmental services will shift to a new location.
  2. A new heritage center celebrating black excellence. 
  3.  A splash pad for children.
  4. A new library and community center will finish the project.

Mayor Anders says he wants the best for our children in school and when they are out. 

“When you compete on a team, you learn how to win and lose. How to get along with others who are not exactly like you. So we have to catch up, and I plan to help Auburn catch up in the very near future.” said Anders.

Future sites for additional facilities include Richland Road and near the Lazy-B in southeast Auburn.

For more information, visit: Parks, Recreation and Cultural Master Plan