A Columbus woman returns from Houston where she battled COVID-19


Pamela Hill  took a trip to Houston, Texas back in August to visit her son. What happened to her when she got there changed her life.

“It changed everything. I have a cane. I’m on oxygen. 60 days ago that was not my life,” said Pamela Hill, COVID-19 survivor.

When she arrived in Houston, she got a call from her daughter in Columbus with the news that her son-in-law had tested positive for COVID-19. So on August 17, Hill was tested. On August 19, she learned she was positive too. Her symptoms presented as an almost unbearable earache and migraine. There was no fever. Three days into her self-quarantine, her condition took a turn for the worse.

“I could no longer breathe, I could no longer function, I was very disoriented, so my son took me to the emergency room where I was admitted into ICU.”

Where she remained for two weeks. Her hospitalization plus time in rehab added up to 50 days.

“The worst was the beginning where I laid there very disoriented where all I could hear were the nurses and doctors saying get her on her stomach, we’ve got to open up her lungs.”

And even worse, the loneliness and isolation some 700 miles away from home. She’s sharing her story because she wants people to take COVID-19 seriously.

“I think that people have gotten so much misinformation and conflicting information that they’re not taking this seriously.”

Hill returned to Columbus on October 15 to a convoy of well wishers. She couldn’t fly home because the altitude would have been too dangerous for her. She has a warning for others.

“You need to be prepared if you’re not going to follow the guidelines you need to be prepared that it may affect your health, your finances, your family, your future.

Hill is praying that her lungs will be cleared of COVID pneumonia  and that she can someday soon break free from her portable oxygen tank.

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