COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — It’s just two weeks from Election Day, and the candidates are shifting into high gear. Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams was in the WRBL coverage area Tuesday.

The Democratic challenger for stops in Buena Vista and Americus.

She is trailing Gov. Brian Kemp in the polls and she’s working like a candidate who is behind.

She was on the attack against Kemp, first in Buena Vista and then again in Americus.

Kemp has been touting strong economic development results on the campaign trail. Abrams tried to turn that against him. And she made the remarks as Kemp was near Savannah breaking ground on a new $5.6 billion Hyundai Motor Company electric vehicle plant that is expected to employ about 8,100 workers. It is the largest economic development project in the state’s history.

“We need a governor who believes we should have the ability to make a good living,” Abrams said. “And that doesn’t mean sending just any kind of job. It means bringing good-paying jobs south of the gnat line, making sure that everyone has the ability to take care of themselves and their families. Not a governor who cherry picks the places he sends jobs and tells everyone else to make it up on your own.”

She drew about 100 people in Buena Vista, but the crowd grew to more than 300 in Americus.

And she predicted a win as the Georgia early voting total topped 1 million voters. She continued to claim voter suppression amid record early-voting turnout.

“We are on the cusp of victory,” Abrams said. “We have seen record turnout. And let’s be clear, just because more people are voting does not mean they don’t have barriers. Bee can tell you those barriers exist. That’s like saying because more people get in the water, there are fewer sharks.”

She was also pounding Kemp on how he plans to use the state’s $6.6 billion surplus.

“Money we’ve already put into the state of Georgia. Money that hardworking Georgians in Marion County, Schley County, and Sumter County have already put in,” she told the crowd in Buena Vista. “And he’s saying he’s going to give it to the wealthiest Georgians. I want to give it back to you. In healthcare, in housing, in education. And helping you make a good living.”