LEE COUNTY, Ala. (WRBL)  – The general election is two months away and Alabama voters can begin casting absentee ballots in person Wednesday, September 14th. 

This morning three Lee County voters attempting to cast an absentee ballot in person were delayed as election workers waited on the actual ballots to arrive.

Probate Judge Bill English says the ballots were proofed by him and sent to the printers on Thursday or Friday of last week. 

“The law requires we have them by today. We had hoped they would arrive at eight but we had them at noon. Absentee voting is underway as we speak,” said Judge English. 

WRBL was there as the boxes arrived just a few minutes after noon. It took a few minutes for absentee election manager James Majors to sort the 39 different ballots for this election.  

Voters who arrived before the ballots could fill out their absentee ballot application and were told they could wait until the ballots arrived, come back later to cast their absentee ballot, or have the ballot mailed to their home address.

Husband and wife voters Martha and Richard Pike waited in person for the ballots to get ready.  

“It’s fine. It was no problem. We were happy to wait. It’s very important to vote,” said the couple.

In Alabama, voters must give a reason they need an absentee ballot and are not able to vote on Election Day. Reasons include:  Being out of town, illness, living outside the county where you are registered to vote (college or working out of town), being an election worker, caregiver or jailed but still able to vote.

Majors says the process can be time consuming and requires precise answers on forms. He says if you can vote in person, it’s typically much easier.

The last day to register to vote in the November 8 election is October 24th. You need to apply for an absentee ballot in person by November 3rd. You need to deliver the absentee ballot by November 7th in person. The mail carrier deadline is November 8 at noon.