COLUMBUS, Ga (WRBL)- The storms have had trouble developing due to dry air on the western side of the area, although that could change as the atmosphere becomes more unstable.

There is still a chance for that evening storm to bring damaging winds and heavy rainfall.

The main story continues to be the dangerous heat and heat indexes that will continue through the weekend.

The highs until Saturday will be in the upper 90s with heat index values up to 110 degrees. We cool off just a tad on Sunday with highs in the low 90s, with lower humidity.

The chance of an afternoon shower or storm decreases as we head into the end of the week. That means we will not have the biggest opportunity to get a shower to cool us off.

The weekend will be drier and just as hot, but the humidity will not make it feel as miserable.

As for next week, we warm right back up into the upper 90s and even have the chance to see triple digits temperatures by mid-week.

Chris Denmark- Miss. State intern 2022