Alabama congressional candidate advertising AR-15 giveaway to supporters


One candidate for Congress in Alabama’s second congressional race is offering to give a supporter an AR-15.

Rich Hobson, a long time Roy Moore aide turned congressional candidate says this issue is bigger than just a gun. 

“I’m in Alabama and we defend the second amendment, we believe in the second amendment,” Hobson said. “So I thought it was all fitting to give be able to give away an AR-15.”

Political analyst Steve Flowers says Hobson is using this giveaway to appeal to a certain base of voters. 

“Totally pandering, almost to the same degree his best friend Roy Moore was pandering a lot of times to a certain base of voters who reacts to off the cuff, off the wall things,” Flowers said.  

The AR-15 give away is being handled by Southern Outdoor Sports in Dothan. Hobson says the winner must be over 18 and will be subjected to the necessary background checks. 

We reached out to law enforcement to see if this is something a political candidate should be doing given the rise in gun violence that we are seeing. 

A member of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency told CBS 42 News that the candidate is within his rights.

“I don’t see where any law would be violated by giving this gift,” the member said. “Unless that supporter is a state employee, as we are not allowed to accept gifts of that value”. 

Some of the candidates running in the same Second Congressional District race have mixed feelings.

“Unlike Rich Hobson, we are locked in a tight race with liberals like Martha Roby and Bobby Bright,” said Stephen Moore, Barry Moore’s campaign manager. “Voters are rallying behind the candidate that has a record of fighting for the 2nd Amendment, and that is Barry Moore.”

Bobby Bright disagrees with Moore’s characterization of him.

“Not only do I agree [with the giveaway] but assuming it’s legal, I may enter the raffle myself,” Candidate Bobby Bright said.  “I stand in strong defense of our right to bear arms. When I was Mayor of Montgomery and crime was on the rise one summer, I told our citizens to get a gun, learn how to use it and protect themselves.  My comments caused a stir across the nation, but I stand by it to this day.” 

The drawing for the AR-15 will be on Memorial Day, May 28. You can register for the drawing by clicking here:

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