Alabama man with Alzheimer’s creates toys for kids


It’s a skill taking a simple piece of wood and crafting it into a gifted treasure.

“I never did that much outside in my workshop, said Charles Clegg, Toy-Maker.

Charles Clegg is living through God’s purpose serving as a blessing to kids. He says the precious idea came from his granddaughter Bella when she saw he had a special talent.

“I got out here and made a few cars. I took the car inside and said: “Carol, what do you think about this?” I pushed it across the kitchen table and she said, “That is neat, said, Clegg.

And it doesn’t stop there. Clegg is sending tokens of love nation-wide, putting toys in shoeboxes through “Operation Christmas Child.”

“That may be the only Christmas gift they get in their life. Here in the U.S. kids get anything they want for Christmas, but think about it if you didn’t. You just can’t realize the joy you can get when those little kids eyes start twinkling and those little possum grins come on their faces, it’s beautiful,” said Clegg.

Clegg says he lived some days harder than others. Last year in December he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Rather than dwell on the news, he decided to be proactive. Every time he enters his workshop and creates a new wooden toy, it’s his idea of group therapy.

“I don’t worry about it and I know my days are numbered. When the Lord calls me then I’ll go home,” said Clegg.

Clegg has created over 150 toys from trains, cars, buses, and vans. He says his doctor is fully aware of the activities he gets into and he’s careful in his workshop with God by his side.

“The Lord wants me to fill these boxes full of cars and I’m going to do it, he said don’t lose any of your digits,” said Clegg.

Clegg doesn’t know how long he will continue to make these wonderful creations. But for now he’s living in the moment and encouraging those with Alzheimer’s to NOT let it slow you down,” said Clegg.

“People out there who have Alzheimer’s don’t give up. Keep your mind focus and keep your mind active doing something. I did the puzzle thing until I got burnt out on them,” said Clegg.

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