HEADLAND, Ala. (WDHN) — A Henry County judge has issued a bond of $175,000 for a couple accused of putting the dead body of their special needs son in a freezer, where it wasn’t discovered until three months later by the new homeowners.

Lane Keith and his wife had just purchased a home on Bradford Drive in Headland. The landlord told them they would have to clean up the old tenants, which they agreed to, but on Sunday they were cleaning up the home before their move-in day and made a shocking discovery.

“The freezer was going to be the last thing in the backyard that we were going to move and we went to go move it and couldn’t move it,” Keith said. “So, my wife flipped the lids off the freezer moved the tarp back and the cardboard boxes, and there laid a hand.”

They discovered a body that is believed to be the body of Logan Halstead and Keith and his wife immediately called it in to law enforcement.

“It’s been really rough,” Keith said. “I mean it’s going to be rough to anyone who has any kind of heart.”

When investigators arrived they found the body of Logan in the freezer and after further investigation, they determined that Logan’s body was severely decomposed and had been in the freezer from late July to early August.

They arrested Logan’s parents Karen and Michael Halstead at their new home in Jack and charged them with corpse abuse.

“Very tragic, very horrific scene for you know a situation like this especially to involve a child and parents,” Henry County Sheriff Eric Blankenship said. “This definitely caught us all off guard.”

Michael, a Coast Guard veteran who suffers from PTSD told investigators that he was taking care of his son Logan, who suffered from spina bifida, at their home on Bradford Drive in Headland.

He says that Logan had an accident at the house, so Michael left the room to get things to clean up the mess, but when he returned Logan was not speaking and Michael declared his son dead.

He then told investigators that everything then went hazy and he doesn’t know how the body got into an unplugged freezer in their backyard.

Earlier this month, Michael allegedly made the Headland Police Department aware of the body being in the freezer. However, officers were unable to locate a body.

Attorneys for the state asked for a higher bond for them because they are concerned about the treatment Logan received before the incident and they believe the story that Michael told investigators shows some inconsistency and it sounded like the couple rehearsed the story.

A preliminary autopsy was done on Logan’s body by the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences, but they were unable to determine the cause of the death. However, investigators say this case is still under investigation, and depending on what comes from the full autopsy of the body, Michael and Karen Halstead could be facing murder charges.