CULLMAN, Ala. (WIAT) — Straight lines winds and heavy rain left several residents in Cullman shaken up Monday evening.

“Just stuff flying. It was flying at our house,” said Lynn Campbell. “Thankfully, we have storm windows, but I thought the branches were coming through the house.”

The storm was brief, but strong enough to leave behind a trace. Leaving several power lines down, gates broken and windows shattered.

“I mean it was a beautiful day then all of a sudden it wasn’t,” said Ben Johnson, a Cullman resident visiting the Cullman County Public Library. “The windows across the top have been blown through. The shelves of books are, you know, crashed to the floor.”

The Cullman County Public Library is just one of several buildings left damaged from Mondays storm.

The winds strong enough to cause bookshelves on the inside of the building to topple over.

“I care about the people that work here and so I just wanted to make sure that everybody was ok.” said Johnson.

At a home just a few streets down from the library, the storm uprooted a large pecan tree and left one truck leaning on its side.

“I was driving down the block and after storms I always look for my pecan tree because it’s the tallest on the block and I didn’t see it and I drove around, and it was on the doctor’s office,” said Kalie Faulk.

Kalie said the tree stood tall in her backyard for decades, but now it’s no longer.

“The tree company is going to try and get the tree off first and get that cleaned up and then we’ll get the cars removed and then just kind of go from there.” said Faulk.

A similar ending for many following Monday’s storm.

“It’s just like any event where everybody’s just kind of pulling together and hey I’ve got a chain saw, hey let me help you drag this branch. So, it’s the best of people coming out.” said Campbell.

The Cullman EMA said there were multiple sightings and reporting’s of tree damage across the town.