ALABAMA (WHNT) — Whether you take them in the gym, in the car, in the house or at a bar, we are obsessed, yes we are – the shameless selfie.

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In a recent nationwide survey, 2,300 people were asked if they took selfies and what kind of selfies they take, and the results may or may not surprise you.

While Alabamians didn’t take the most selfies (that trophy goes to Illinois), they did take the most “Belfies.” What’s a belfie, you ask? That my friend is a selfie that shows off your buttocks.

Okay, okay, Alabama was actually in a three-way tie for most belfies taken, sharing the win with South Carolina and New York. Connecticut cracked in at last place with 11%.

Alabamians take roughly 1.80 selfies per week on average (10th most nationally), but rank 18th across the country for taking gym selfies.

72% of selfies are apparently taken in the bathroom mirror, 71% are taken in the car and 50% are taken while walking. iPhone users are guilty of taking twice as many belfies and duck-face selfies as Android users.

Below that, other popular types of selfies include those taken in changing rooms, on a staircase or pretending to sleep (a whopping 16% admitted to that). No makeup pics make up 26% of participants, while gym selfies and duck-face selfies landed at 23% and 21%, respectively.

Blemishes? I don’t know her. 35% of people said they edited out any of their unflattering aspects.

People in Georgia and Texas took the most gym selfies, but there was a slim four-way tie for second place between Massachusetts, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Arkansas.

The state that took the least amount of self-involved pictures was Kansas!

Gen Z ladies take the cake when it comes to the number of selfies taken every week – which isn’t surprising – but what is shocking is male Baby Boomers take more selfies per week than female Boomers.

To see a state-by-state breakdown, click here.