MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WRBL) — Four Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) Troopers have received a Lifesaving Award for their “quick thinking and decision-making in separate incidents that resulted in the preservation of four lives”, according to ALEA Public Affairs Coordinator Sergeant Jeremy Burkett.

Corporal James Phillips of ALEA’s Capitol Patrol and Senior Troopers Tracy Steele, Ashley Fetter, and Carter Allen all received their awards at a May 18th event that detailed each Trooper’s story.

Cpl. Phillips of Barbour County was awarded due to his off-duty work on April 24, 2022, when he heard a 911 dispatch call a few miles from his home. He responded to the call, knowing the requested ambulance was 45 minutes away in Eufaula, Alabama.

At the scene, Cpl. Phillips found a man who had lost a significant amount of blood and was beginning to lose consciousness. The man was using a hand truck to blow up a tire when it exploded, causing the rim to fly off and slice through his forearm, cutting his tendons, nerves, and arteries.

Cpl. Phillips used combat gauze and a tourniquet to apply pressure to the man’s wounds as he waited for a Barbour County Deputy to arrive. The man was then loaded into the deputy’s vehicle, while Cpl. Phillips continued to apply pressure until they were able to meet with the paramedics.

The citizen’s sister, a dispatcher with Houston County, believes “her brother would not be alive today if it were not for the quick thinking and assistance of an off-duty ALEA Trooper”.

Trooper Steele of the Jacksonville Highway Patrol Post was also awarded due to the aid he rendered to a choking woman at a gas station on March 8, 2022. The woman later called Trooper Steele’s supervisor to tell him that she was diagnosed with autism that causes her to suffer from anxiety attacks, which ultimately led to her choking.

Trooper Fetter was granted the award for tending to a person locked inside a vehicle after a two-vehicle crash in November of 2021. The individual was displaying drug overdose symptoms, which prompted Trooper Fetter to administer a dose of Narcan.

Trooper Allen received the award for his role in helping a driver escape from a burning vehicle in November of 2021. The vehicle’s door was jammed, which led Trooper Allen to strike the window with his baton until it shattered, allowing the driver to escape.

Alongside the Lifesaving Award, a Certificate of Recognition was given to ALEA Trooper, Logan Kenimer. Trooper Kenimer helped to return a child back to her mother after the child had been found in a vehicle driven by a suspect with warrants for ‘Enticing a Child’.

Hal Taylor, Secretary of ALEA, says all these individuals look for opportunities to answer the call.

“We are honored to be able to recognize these heroic and selfless individuals who, without fail, displayed the highest level of dedicated public service,” said Hal. “Whether they are on or off duty, these individuals continuously look for opportunities to serve and answer the call. In moments of distress and dire need they went above and beyond to keep citizens safe.”