ALABAMA – Many Alabamians are wondering about their legal rights regarding the COVID-19 vaccine.

That’s according to Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall, who said Monday the AG’s Office has experienced “a sharp increase in vaccine-related inquires and complaints.”

Marshall referred back to SB 267, now Act 2021-493, passed by the Alabama State Legislature and signed by Gov. Kay Ivey in May.

Marshall reiterated four main points of the law:

  1. State and local governments are prohibited from issuing or requiring publication or sharing of vaccination records not otherwise required by law, such as a vaccine passport
  2. State and local governments are prohibited from making vaccination a requirement to enter a government building or receiving government services, excepting immunizations already required for schoolchildren
  3. Alabama’s K-12 schools and colleges – public and private – are prohibited from adding any new vaccination requirements; notably, vaccination requirements in force prior to January 1, 2021, are allowed to remain in force, provided students are allowed to opt out for religious or medical reasons
  4. Businesses statewide are prohibited from denying service or refusing to allow entry on the basis of vaccination status or lack of vaccination documentation for any vaccination, COVID-19 or otherwise

Marshall also added that, while not appearing to occur in Alabama as of Monday, if somebody comes to a person’s home or place of business and asks about their vaccination status, no Alabamian is required to share their vaccination status or other personal information with anyone at the door identifying as a health ambassador or government worker.

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