AUBURN, Ala. (WRBL)– Monday, April 3, an Auburn University student will take her chance at the wheel.

Auburn’s very own Lydia Patterson will be appearing on “America’s Game” tonight.

The Clanton, Ala. native will represent Auburn University on the first night of Wheel of Fortune’s College Week.

Patterson tells WRBL she grew up watching the wheel with her grandmother.

“I’ve been watching for as long as I can remember. My grandmother is a big fan,” Patterson said. “I’ve always just kind of been like, ‘oh, like I should be on there one day.'”

She says she always knew she wanted to play against other college students on Wheel of Fortune, but learning she had been selected for the game show was surreal.

“I found out mid-January it was like a Friday that I found out that I got chosen to be on the show and I had to fly out to L.A. the following Friday,” Patterson told WRBL. “It was so surreal just because, I mean, it really is a once in a lifetime thing. I think I was more excited than nervous, but also just in shock that I actually made it out there.”

After applying in early January, she set out to make her Auburn family proud.

“I think that it was an honor to get to represent [Auburn] as a school, because, like I said, I knew I did want to go on College Week and play against other college students,” Patterson said. “I hope that I made Auburn proud, and I hope that everyone will get a chance to watch me tonight as well.”

The business and marketing junior will compete against students from UCLA and Brown University.

This episode will air tonight, at 7:30/ 6:30 CST on News 3’s Channel.

Good luck, and War Eagle!