FAIRHOPE, Ala. (WKRG) — Sea wall repairs, improved parking and updates to an iconic spot in Fairhope are all part of a project that’s been discussed for several years, but work can’t begin until a crew is hired to do the job.

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“I guess the challenge has been to find somebody to do not only the land and the hardscape part of it but also the sea part and water part of it,” Fairhope Mayor Sherry Sullivan said.

Last month, no one bid on the work known as the Working Waterfront Project. On Tuesday, it goes back out to bid, and Sullivan is hoping for a better response.

The bid process is expected to take at least 30 days, but with the holidays approaching, work likely won’t start until Jan. 1, once the bidding process is complete.

“This is the third time we’ve put it out,” Sullivan said. “We did have a great pre-bid meeting where we had nine contractors there. We’ve had several reach out to us since then. We’re very hopeful that we are going to get somebody to bid on this project, and we can move forward.”

The Working Waterfront Project along Mobile Bay at Fairhope Pier is funded through a $6.2 million RESTORE Act grant, which provides federal dollars to selected projects to help restore and protect communities. ADA compliance issues will be addressed along with new handrails on the pier. Updates to the fountain will also be completed.

“The fountain has really aged out,” Sullivan explained. “There’s a lot of brick and mortar leakage. The pumps are not great, and people have seen the fountain down several times over the past year.”

The bidding process began Tuesday at 10 a.m., and information about the scope of the work can be obtained at city hall.