MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WIAT) — A few dozen Birmingham-Southern College students went to the state capitol Friday in efforts to meet with Alabama State Treasurer Young Boozer to urge him to reconsider his denial of a $30 million bridge loan to keep the school open.

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Students left without speaking to anyone from his office. They said they’re disappointed not only over the loan denial, but also their inability to talk to anyone.

They had planned to share personal stories about how they would be affected by the school’s closure.

“I’m going to have to go back home without a degree, where I’ve already paid so much money to go to college,” BSC student Pyunn Ntwari said.

“I will be losing thousands of dollars in scholarship dollars that are not honored elsewhere,” BSC student Koestoer Anderton said.

“I would not get my degree as a senior, and I’d have to go back as a sophomore at another university or college,” BSC student Daniel Johnson said.

That’s what they wanted to tell Boozer, but without an appointment, students were initially turned away.

After saying they wanted to go to the gift shop and use the restrooms, they were let in, and eventually led on a tour of the capitol, where some made their way to Boozer’s office.

There, a state trooper at the door said no one could speak with them at that moment, but students could reach out to a contact.

“We’re here, and we have to have a plan at least from him, cause I mean, I have four more years of college to do,” BSC student Wyatt Jones said. “I have to have a plan. If Treasurer Boozer believes college counts, then why are we closing down the school?”

Students ultimately left letters with security to give to Boozer.

The Treasurer has said in previous statements that he denied BSC’s loan because the school is a “terrible credit risk.” He’s said the college’s credit rating “confirms it to be a junk bond, one step above default.” A Montgomery County circuit court judge has also ruled that Boozer’s denial is in compliance with the law.

Alabama Assistant State Treasurer Chad Wright said on the phone Boozer is out of office and has no comment.