Bump stocks are now illegal


Bump stocks are officially banned in the United States.  Owners of these attachments are being encouraged to turn them into local law enforcement.  

ATF agents say they’re not going to hunt people down.  They just want them to voluntarily turn over bump stocks. But gun rights groups say this is government overreach.

Late last year, the Trump Administration announced it would be banning bump stocks. 
This comes after that deadly shooting in Las Vegas. 

“Unfortunately for all of us, crazy people or evil people ruin it for everybody. Somebody went out and killed a lot of people using these things,” says David Hyche, ATF Assistant Special Agent.

 ATF Assistant Special Agent Hyche is tasked with helping people get rid of their bump stocks. 

“Our job is to collect them,” Hyche says. “It’s not to make those rules.”

What is a bump stock?

“What the bump stock does, it makes the firearm move forward and backward and manipulate the trigger,” Hyche says

 Gun rights groups like Bama Carry say this is government overreach.

“This was a legal item and now our government has declared it illegal, and also it is a step towards more gun restrictions on law abiding citizens,” says Eddie Fulmer, with Bama Carry.

For more information on how to destroy a bump stock, you can visit the ATF website.

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