MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — The family of a man murdered in Mobile two and a half years ago is still waiting for justice. 25-year-old Jamir Hannah was shot and killed at Avalon Plaza Apartments in the summer of 2020.

Even before COVID, the court side of Government Plaza wasn’t known for moving quickly, now the recent death of a Mobile County Judge is further delaying this trial. If everything goes according to schedule, the earliest the trial can start in the death of Jamir Hannah is in October of this year. By that time it will have been more than three years since his death. He was killed in August 2020.

Family members say they commute from the Georgia area several hours each time there is a new hearing only to find that a hearing is canceled at the last minute or there’s little forward progress in the case. They say the latest wrinkle was the death of Mobile County Circuit Judge James Patterson and needing a new judge assigned to the case.

“Waiting for justice while the state of Alabama judicial system drags its feet it’s saddening and hurtful every time we have to go to court,” said the victim’s mother Nicole Harper. “We don’t feel comfortable, we don’t feel justice is moving in the direction it should, we do feel the justice system should have a higher concern, this is a murder case.”

The man accused of killing Hannah, Tadarian Dale has remained out on bond since his arrest in 2020. He was accused of murder for allegedly killing Jamir Hannah. Dale was also accused of attempted murder for allegedly shooting Jamir Hannah’s friend and shooting into an occupied vehicle or building.