BARBOUR COUNTY, Ala. (WRBL) – Medical Center Barbour began their vaccine rollout in January and has now vaccinated over 2,000 people. However, decreased demand in the past two months has led them to adjust their vaccine rollout process accordingly. 

Because of decreased demand, they are now only administering vaccines on Fridays and by appointment only. 

“We stopped ordering vaccines a while back when we saw that vaccine numbers were declining because we don’t want to have to waste [them]” Missy Thomas, Chief Nursing Officer for Medical Center Barbour, said. “They do expire after a certain amount of time, we try to schedule the number of people to be vaccinated with how many doses are in a vial without having to waste vaccines.”

In Alabama, there have been 3,600 COVID cases in the last two weeks. 16 of those cases have been in Barbour County. This month, Medical Center Barbour has seen an increase in cases, but they’re still seeing an overall decrease in cases since January. 

Medical centers across the country are experiencing cases of the Delta variant, but Medical Center Barbour is unsure whether this is the reason behind the recent increase in cases. 

“We actually don’t have a way to test for those in-house,” Thomas said. “We are looking into possibly beginning to send out to the state for that testing.”

Some medical centers can’t test for the variant, which means the national record of variant cases may not reflect patients in communities such as Barbour County. 

Thomas says even though things are calming down since the peak of the pandemic, staff are not letting their guard down. The Medical Center Barbour team is making sure they are prepared to spring back in action if cases start to climb again.