DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Dothan Police Chief Steve Parrish described the events that led to a Houston County man’s death as a “one-man crime spree” in a press conference Tuesday morning.

According to Parrish, it all began when Jeremy Jermain Jones, 38, of Dothan got into a fight around 4:30 p.m. on North Alice Street.

He then “brandished a firearm” and stole the victim’s wallet and car, a white Santa Fe. Shots were fired as he left the scene.

‘A Real Life Case of Grand Theft Auto’

Jones, a known felon, according to Parrish, then went to Kinsey, robbing and kidnapping a person at gunpoint from their home. Jones then went to Fairfield Circle, where the victim escaped on foot.

He then threatened an elderly couple in a black Honda Accord with his gun on Denton Road, but they drove off.

“Twenty minutes later, about 5:20 in the afternoon, he approached a male locking a gate on the 900 block of the storage warehouses on Murray Road,” Parrish said. “He fired several shots in the air and demanded his vehicle. The suspect fled in the stolen KIA Sorento, leaving the (Hyundai) on the scene.”

Jones then threatened a person checking a mailbox on Twitchell Road, asking for their wallet. He went through it and threw the wallet back at him.

Five minutes later, he attempted to kidnap a nearby jogger on Ross Clark Circle, but the victim refused to go with him.

Things take a Deadly Turn

Around 5:45 p.m., a patrol officer spotted Jones driving the stolen vehicle at the intersection of Ross Clark Circle and Kinsey Road. He attempted to stop Jones, but Jones fled.

Jones then swerved into oncoming traffic at the intersection of Burdeshaw Street and the Circle. After going through the intersection of Highway 52 and the Circle, he then crashed head-on into a vehicle occupied by Paul Roberts, 64, and his wife Patricia.

Paul was killed while Patricia suffered injuries from the crash.

“I could tell that, from a police chief’s standpoint, an officer being killed in the line of duty is a difficult thing to wrap my head around, but the loss of an innocent person is equally as difficult,” Parrish said. “So our hearts and our prayers go out to the family.”

Jones suffered his own set of injuries but reportedly had the strength to run away to the nearby Krystal Burgers restaurant, attempting to carjack two other vehicles. However, the cars were locked, preventing his means of escape.

He was then arrested in the grassy area outside the parking lot.

“If he had gotten that car, we could’ve had more problems,” Parrish said.

According to Parrish, Jones will be charged with murder, eight counts of first-degree robbery, first-degree assault, leaving the scene of an accident with injuries, and one count of first-degree attempted kidnapping. He has no bond as of yet.

Parrish said the department will try to keep him behind bars.

“What he did was just outright mean, vicious, selfish, ruthless, and those are just the words that I can think of off the top of my head,” Parrish said.

A source familiar with Jones’ past said he was involved in the chase from last Tuesday that ended behind the old Sears location in Dothan. He was on parole at the time.