EUFAULA, Ala. (WRBL) – Wednesday, a tornado tore through Eufaula damaging several businesses, closing roads, and pulling down power lines.

One Eufaula resident of 10 years was standing in his doorway when the tornado ripped through, he described the scene to WRBL.

I heard a loud sound going through, like a hiss. And then, I heard another loud sound when it hit the transformer and knocked everything out,” Jerome Claidd said. He went on to tell WRBL he could not see the tornado as it was pitch black outside.

Eufaula Mayor Jack Tibbs was out surveying the damage, he said the tornado made a nearly four-mile path shutting down major roads and areas like Paul Lee Parkway, State Docks Road, Randolph Avenue, Hunters Inlet, and Shadow Moss.

Several sidings of buildings were torn down, roofs were damaged, trees were toppled over, and power lines were brought down with them. That was the main reason for road closures as Alabama power and local city officials worked to clear the roads Wednesday before the next front of storms made their way through.

Mayor Tibbs shared there were no injuries or deaths reported from Wednesday’s tornado. He said this one makes the fourth in four years.

“The first one we had four years ago was the first one in 100 years to hit the city. And it was on the anniversary of the one that hit the city 100 years prior to that,” Mayor Tibbs said. “Eufaula is the perfect target because it’s 14 miles long, north to south, and these storms always move from west to east. So, you know, we were blessed not to have any for 100 years, but we’ve had our share of them for sure.”

His message right now: stay indoors, stay off the roads, monitor weather radios, and call 911 in the event of an emergency.

Both Mayor Tibbs and our First Alert Weather Team advise you and your family to have your safe place in mind and plan of action prepared for all severe weather events.

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