ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WDHN) — The Alabama Department of Education announced partnerships with some 33 school districts in the state.

Several are located in the Wiregrass. Enterprise City School Superintendent, Dr. Zel Thomas, along with his administrative staff and state officials held a news conference on becoming what is called a “multi-tier system of supports” school district.

Teachers, administrators, and Thomas were joined by state department of education personnel.

The system supports the school district is known by its initials as “MTSS”. It provides a framework that helps educators provide academic and behavioral strategies for the local district.

State Education Specialist Kristie Shankles says “we’re super excited to have this opportunity to come here and walk alongside you guys for the next five to eight years. It’s our promise and our pledge to you and all of you guys that we are here and support you on whatever for enterprise city and whatever that looks like.”

Superintendent Thomas says having this unique relationship with the state department of education will ultimately help the students.

“How this will impact the ultimate child and the kids of Enterprise. This is stuff we try to do anyway but this sets up we have additional support from the state and help the kids on academic support. Wellness and emotional support among other things,” according to Thomas.

This academic year, Enterprise will be one of 33 school districts selected by the state to take part in “MTSS” by the 2-27 academic year, each of the state’s 138 public school districts will be part of the project to provide assistance customized to each system.

In addition to Enterprise City Schools being selected as one of the 33 multi-tier systems of supports school districts statewide this academic year, others chosen in the wiregrass include Ozark City, Daleville City, Geneva County, and Henry County School Districts.