DALE COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — It’s been a gut-wrenching weekend for the family of Jeffrey Little, Emma Welch, and Nicholas Gordon as they lost their loved ones in a three-person crash in Dale County Friday night.

“It’s a bad bad dream that is now a reality. It’s the worst nightmare for a father and mother – no one should have to go through this,” said Meagan Highnote, Emma’s mother said.

“Nick is my baby brother and I don’t live in Alabama so it’s taking a toll on me,” Stephanie Roque said. “I don’t sleep right now but it will get better, it’s just hard to take all of this in.”

“Losing a child is something nobody can fathom at any point or should have to. It has been extremely difficult. I think what makes it difficult to me is the fact there were others involved,” said Jennnifer Wood, Jeffrey’s stepmother.

Welch and Little were passengers of Nicholas Gordon who were driving a 2005 yellow Mustang that left the road and hit a tree in the 500 block of County Road 67 in Midland City near Echo — a few minutes from Gordon and Little’s house.

“I was just over there around the house yesterday and was asking people, everyone has told me they were going to a truck meet,” Roque said.

Little had just talked to his father about four minutes before about going to Louisville to help them get situated in their new home.

“He was here at the new house and I said have you talked to Jeffrey and he said why and I said there’s been an accident with fatalities,” Wood said. “He said don’t say that because I just looked at his location and it was County Road 67 so we knew before we knew.”

According to the State Troopers Office, none of them were wearing seatbelts at the time of the crash. Welch’s parents believe they were speeding.

“All we know is they lost control, it was raining and hit a tree none of them were wearing seatbelts and if you see that car seatbelts wouldn’t have saved them,” said Kendall Highnote, Emma’s Stepfather.

Out of the outpouring of love, a makeshift memorial has been placed at the crash site in memory of Welch and Little.

“My baby was very smart, bright, outgoing loved everybody and everything I’m just going to miss her,” Highnote said.

As for Little, his stepmother said he was very loving and helpful — he even helped the community often by serving as a volunteer firefighter with Lousiville and Green Crossroads fire departments.

“Everybody was his friend and he wanted to make sure everybody was included and loved and appreciated,” Wood said.

Gordon was also a helper to his friends, a kind-hearted person who loved to go fishing and loved his family.

“It’s tearing everybody up that he is no longer here,” says Roque.

GoFundMe pages have been set up for Emma Welch and Nicholas Gordon. Click the links if you would like to donate.