MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — A passionate plea by a Mobile father in the fight against gun violence. Kenneth L. Padgett Sr. says his 18-year-old son was the one shot and seriously wounded at Barrington Park Apartments days ago. He reached out to us and said that was his son–also named Kenneth.

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“He laying there and he opened his eyes when he heard me I told him everything would be alright I’m going get you, man, get you home take care of you, and protect you,” said Kenneth L. Padgett Sr. He says his son is expected to recover, but this crime has spurred him to speak out–warning young people to live by simple rules.

“First is God and Jesus Christ, the second is health and strength and third is my freedom I’m not going to jeopardize my freedom for nothing, y’all are jeopardizing your freedom,” said Padgett Sr. It’s a lesson he’s learned. Six years ago we talked to him when was arrested by Mobile’s then-Police chief James Barber and charged with burglary. He also says few things are worth dying over and nothing is worth going to prison.

“Some money ain’t good money man, and the little money y’all making and getting shot over it ain’t worth it homeboy, it ain’t worth it period,” said Padgett Sr. Padgett says he hopes this is a wakeup call.

“Maybe cause God spared his life, he might have a change of heart about life, it still don’t give you no reason to shoot him,” he said.