EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WHNT) – The family of Connie Ridgeway, the woman Casey White is accused of murdering in 2015, said they want to reward James Stinson, the man they say played a significant role in ensuring White is back behind bars.

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Stinson provided law enforcement with a tip leading to the capture of escaped Lauderdale County inmate, Casey White, and the former corrections employee, Vicky White, who helped him escape.

Stinson, a car wash owner in Evansville, Indiana, noticed an abandoned Ford F-150 with Tennessee plates left on his property. He notified law enforcement about the truck and turned over video surveillance footage of a man Stinson believed to be Casey White.

Casey White and Vicky White were apprehended by U.S. Marshals in Evansville on Monday.

Austin Williams, son of Connie Ridgeway, said he has slept better at night knowing Casey White is back in police custody.

“It ended up, ending a lot better than we expected,” Williams said. “We just saw him (Stinson) and saw his interviews, and we have this feeling that the right thing to do is to get some more support for him.”

The family set up a GoFundMe before Casey White and Vicky White were found, in hopes of offering a reward for information leading to their capture. Now, the fundraiser continues, but donors know their contributions will go to Stinson.

Williams said he would like to meet Stinson in person when the family hands over the reward money.

“We feel like he is very deserving of the rewards, but you know how that works, it takes time, and who know if it will work out that way or not,” Williams said. “So, we wanted to show our support.”

The link to the GoFundMe for Stinson can be found here.