Grass fire continues to burn on U.S. Route 431



Thursday crews are still trying to contain flames along Highway 431. The fire has been burning for more than 24 hours. The cause, most likely a blown out tire.

Bob Franklin, Director of Russell County Emergency Management says the danger comes when tires start to shred. The tires are very hot and when if they blow out the pieces get into the grass and can quickly start a fire. Franklin says even parking a car in the dry grass can start a fire because of the hot catalytic converter. This time of year puts us at a  higher risk for these fires.

“Anytime down here in the south when we don’t have rain for a few days, it dries up pretty well and the heat gets up and things will burn a whole lot easier. Use a lot more caution. Pay attention to what’s happening when you’re doing things outside. A lit cigarette butt can start a fire in some dry grass,” says Franklin.


PITTSVIEW, Ala — Firefighters say they are still working to contain a grass fire that broke out Wednesday afternoon.

Crews on the scene say they have dug a ditch around the affected area on U.S. Route 431 northbound in hopes the fire will burn itself out. Investigators say a tractor trailer blew a tire and sparked the blaze.

So far, there are still no injuries to report.

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