MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Some gun owners voice their concerns following Alabama’s new concealed carry law. Thursday night, people in Baldwin County will have an opportunity to learn more about the law and ask questions.

The law took affect at the first of the year and allows gun owners to carry a weapon without a permit. CBS News reports Alabama is now the 25th state to adopt the law.

In March of last year, Governor Kay Ivey signed the constitutional carry bill into law the same day it was passed and now people can legally carry a concealed pistol on them or in their vehicle without a permit.

Until recently, Alabama was an open carry state. Guns could be carried publicly as long as they were visible or were unloaded and kept in a locked space in a vehicle. Only when the firearm was hidden, did the permit become necessary.

If you want to conceal carry, a background check and permit are no longer required.

One gun owner says that it’s difficult for him to support or oppose the new law.

“I’m kind of on the boarder on that,” said Mike Buzbee, a gun owner for over 50 years. “I think that there should be some type of checks and balances because I don’t think everybody needs to carry a gun.”

Matt Morgan has been a gun owner for most of his life, he says his biggest concern is people wanting to conceal carry without having enough training.

“Especially for someone who is younger and not used to carrying a concealed weapon rather than to someone who has carried for almost their whole life,” said Morgan. “I mean you can’t just give somebody that’s never fired a concealed weapon a license, here you go, there’s gotta be something more to it, something extensive, more background checks and training.”

To address some of people’s’ concerns, Fairhope Police Department along with ​Baldwin County Sheriff’s office and Baldwin County District Attorney’s office will host a free event Thursday night from ​6 to 7:30 p.m. at the Fairhope Civic Center to go over the ins and outs of the new permitless carry law and share some gun safety tips and resources. 

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