HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Across the nation, people are responding to the death of George Floyd and making their voices heard. One local man is not just talking the talk, he decided to walk the walk. He plans to walk 1000 miles to Minnesota and his destination is the very spot where George Floyd died.

Terry Willis is a father, a business owner and he is stepping out hoping for change.

“I think a lot of people are just fed up. Because they are like alright, enough is enough. You just murdered this man in front of the world, on camera that can’t happen and that’s why I am marching 1000 miles for change, justice and equality,” said Willis

He knows it won’t be easy, no matter how long it takes he says he will finish what he is starting.

“If I get fatigued, I know how to stop and drink water,” said Willis. “There is no time I am not rushing this, I am doing this for me and everybody else. I am doing this my way and I will take my time and I will make it there.”

As Willis moves along his journey the life he wants for his 7-year-old son will be a driving force to keep him moving.

“The history that I am going to make is definitely for him. I want him to live to grow up and not have to deal with any of this.”  

The end result he hopes to see isn’t complicated.

“It’s so funny and it’s so simple. I just would really love for us, African Americans, they call us black people, colored people, whatever. Just for us to be seen as equals that’s it.”

And even the smallest step in the right direction, can make an impact and a change.

To follow his journey add him on Facebook. He plans to broadcast the entire walk live and hopes others will join him along the way!

And if you want to help him along the way, here is the link to his GoFundMe.

You can also track him on the 360 app