AUBURN, Ala. —  Autopsies are underway for an Auburn couple found dead in their Hunter’s Court home Saturday.

According to the Lee County Coroner’s Office, the bodies of 40-year-old Daniel Gray and 38-year-old Kimmerly Gray were transported to Montgomery on Monday morning.

Auburn Police Department Capt. Lorenza Dorsey says even though it appears Daniel Gray shot his wife, then himself, that does not mean the investigation is over.

“We will do a complete, thorough investigation even though the individual responsible is of course deceased,” Capt. Dorsey says. “That file will be presented to the grand jury, and final disposition will be made by the grand jury. These situations are tragic, and there’s really just no words.”

Lee County District Attorney Brandon Hughes says a grand jury could hear the case in October or early in 2018.

Neighbors who live in the Lundy Chase subdivision say it is a very quiet area, and they added that the Grays were a nice family. Darren Kelly, who has lived in the neighborhood for almost nine years, spoke to News 3 about an encounter he had with Daniel Gray the night before he was found dead in his home.

Kelly returned home around 7 p.m. CDT and noticed Gray standing in his backyard. He says wasn’t uncommon since the neighborhood is very close together, but says this was very different.

“He stared all the way at me until I spoke to him, and then when I spoke to him, he dropped his head,” Kelly says. “He stood there for two to three minutes, still, did not move or say a word back to me. Then, he moved to the middle of my backyard, stooped over and picked up his standard schnauzer, gray in color and held it over his shoulder like it was a child and very, very slowly with his head down, walked up my driveway.”

That next day, Gray and his wife were found dead in their home.

The couple’s children were not present when the incident happened, but police say they are being cared for by someone else at this time.