UPDATE (7:30 p.m.): During the preliminary hearing, Prichard Police Detective Jason Hadaway testified that there was a phone call between Randon Lee and Rueben Gulley just two minutes before Lee was shot and killed.

Hadaway also testified that he believes Gulley is the main suspect after reviewing surveillance video from First Stop gas station where Lee was killed. He said in the video, there was a man in a red hoodie who gets out of a car and leaps into Lee’s car with a weapon in his hand.

Gulley’s attorney, Chase Dearman said the phone call is the only evidence the prosecution has to link Gulley to Lee’s murder.

“There is not a single living witness, and the police stated they cannot put a single person,” said Dearman. “They cannot put Rueben Gulley on that scene. They do not know if he was ever there, they do not know if he was ever in the car.”

Assistant District Attorney, Lauren Walsh said many phone calls were made between Lee and Gulley before the murder, and there is enough evidence to believe Gulley was the shooter.

“In this case, there were multiple calls between the victim and defendant,” said Walsh. “As well as many communications about where they were meeting up and how that lines up with the time of the shooting in the video.”

Gulley turned himself on Aug. 18, and his attorney said he did this because he is not running away from justice.

“If you have charges against you, you have two choices. You can be a fugitive from justice, or you go in and face it,” said Dearman. “And someone’s who’s not guilty will turn themselves in and face the charges.”

Gulley was denied bond on this case because he was out on bond for other two charges involving drugs. The two charges are not related to this case.

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — A Mobile judge in a preliminary hearing Monday morning found “probable cause” to continue with the murder case of a man accused of killing a Mobile Tik Tok star’s son. The case now goes to a Grand Jury, which will decide if there is enough evidence to proceed with the charges.

Reuben Gulley is being charged with intentional murder in Randon Lee’s murder investigation. Randon Lee is the son of TikTok star Ophelia Nichols, who is known as Mama Tot or Shoelover99. Gulley allegedly turned himself in days after the initial shooting.

Gulley is accused of killing Lee at a Prichard gas station on June 24, according to officials with the Prichard Police Department.

The shooting happened on St. Stephens Road around 7:45 p.m. Officials said Lee was at a gas station when another car pulled up and someone inside began shooting at him. Investigators said they believe Lee was meeting two people at the gas station in an attempt to sell marijuana to the pair.