DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Former Greater Beulah Baptist Church Pastor Darryl Roberts felt like it was best to resign last week when the church voted to recognize 2015 bylaws that he said surprisingly showed up and saw ungodly things from members in the meeting.

“It was bittersweet but it was best for myself, my family, and the church itself, I did not come to fight with anyone I came to do the work with the ministry and the work of the Lord,” Roberts said.

Church bylaws are simply rules that govern the church.

Roberts said when he arrived in 2020, he was told the church didn’t have any bylaws and that he must come up with some which he says he did to the Houston County Probate Office and Secretary of State Office.

In August of this year, church leadership filed a lawsuit and restraining order against him claiming the document had a page of forged signatures of church leadership and deacons.

The case went through a legal fight all the way to the courtroom, but the judge lifted the restraining order and insisted the matter be handled in the church.

The church made its decision to recognize the bylaws with a vote of 112-19.

Roberts believes they recognized the 2015 bylaws over the 2020 laws because it allows deacons to be appointed for life and can’t be removed versus the 2020 laws which the deacons work at the discretion of the pastor.

He viewed this by-law battle as a way to get him out of the church.

“A whole lot of lying involved, they lied about not having any bylaws and once it was done then they decided they didn’t want it,” He said. “As a result this is something that happens every three years.”

Now, Pastor Roberts is still in Dothan and has moved on and organized Greater Grace Baptist Church in a multi-purpose building on North Beveryle Road — they’ve had two services so far.

He said he does not have any ill will for Greater Beulah and wishes them the best as he’s on his new journey.

“What’s done in the flesh of the flesh should reap corruption what’s done in the spirit should reap life everlasting,” He said.

Greater Beulah has not commented on who will be the next pastor.