Memorial bench carved for Smiths Station tornado victims


During the town workshop, a special memorial gift was presented. A man took some wood from a destroyed home in Smiths Station and made a bench in memory of the march third storm. 

Vickie Jones was the woman who owned the home where the wood was taken from. Jones lived there since 1994 but in an instant, it was taken from her.

Now, with the bench carved, she has something left but says every time she sees it, she’ll remember what she did to build that home. 

It makes me feel good. It’s something that I worked hard for. I sacrificed for it and raised my kids. I can come back and see it, Jones said.

Mayor Bubba Copeland echoed those same sentiments. He says March 3rd will live in infamy, and they will always remember that day. 

It just makes me proud that we’ll be able to have something for the citizens to look at and remember that day. From this point forward, we’ll have something that we can look at to see where we’ve come from and where we’re at, Mayor Copeland said.

Jones says it warmed her heart when the carpenter told her what he intended to do with the wood. She gladly allowed him to take it. 

The bench will sit in front of City Hall for everyone to get a nice look at. 

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