(WHNT) — It’s no secret that generation gaps have the ability to create a lot of frustration, finger-pointing and of course – friendly name-calling.

“OK Boomer,” now let’s talk about where each generation is criticized the most across the country (and you might be surprised to see which one wasn’t the most criticized anywhere in the nation).

Geotagged Twitter data collected over the last three months tracked several factors including any negative sentiments about each generation. For example, any and all tweets about Gen Z being “lazy,” “selfish,” “entitled,” “dumb,” “stupid,” “demanding,” “ignorant,” “greedy,” “naive,” “misinformed,” “inexperienced,” “shallow,” “rude,” “immoral,” etc.

Those same criteria were applied to the Boomer generation, Millennials and Gen X, tracking over 500,000 tweets in all.

The hate-by-state breakdown is as follows:

  • Gen Z (1997-2012) – 18 states
  • Boomers (1946-1964) – 17 states
  • Millennials (1981-1996) – 15 states
  • Gen X (1965-1980) – 0 states
(Map created by Authority.org)

Millennials seem to take the cake in a majority of the southeast, including Alabama and Tennessee, outlier Arizona, Indiana and another “win” as several in the northeast don’t seem to be fond of the generation.

Boomers might want to steer clear of both Carolinas, along with Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and a better portion of the upper midwest.

Gen Z’ers have a lot of ground to cover if they want to make a comeback, with some of the nation’s largest states having some not-so-nice words to say about them; Texas, California, Alaska, Hawaii, Kentucky, Connecticut Oklahoma (I mean the list goes on and on).

Gen X, however, seems to be doing something right, as there weren’t any states tweeting out ugly words about them. Maybe something us other generations could learn from?

You can learn more about how tweets are tracked and geotagged by clicking here.